Meet Our Guru's

Our respected aacharya's


Swami Charnashrit

Elderly Swara Yoga aacharya (founder of our school)

Shri Swami Charnashrit  is an elderly and expert for Swara yoga . he has not only mastered the advance part of swara yoga but also has a wide knowledge of shastras and vedas.


Sanyasi Atmavandana

aacharya for vedic rituals

one of the best gurus for vedic chantings, anushtans.


Shubham Arya

Iyenger Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga And hatha Yoga expert

Shubham Arya is a young and expert yogacharya at our school. He has mastered Iyenger yoga, astanga yoga, hatha yoga And Air yoga.